23rd November 2023 in the P&J (Main Conference Centre)

2:00 PM Welcome and Introduction
CADL Workshop Chairs
2:05 PM Invited paper: Efficient Vision Transformer for Human Pose Estimation via Patch Selection
Kaleab A Kinfu, Rene Vidal (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
2:25 PM Invited paper: RUPQ: Improving low-bit quantization by equalizing relative updates of quantization parameters
Valentin Buchnev, Jiao He, Fengyu Sun, Ivan Koryakovskiy (Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.)
2:45 PM Invited paper: EDeNN: Event Decay Neural Networks for low latency vision
Celyn Walters, Simon Hadfield (University of Surrey)
3:05 PM Invited paper: CoordGate: Efficiently Computing Spatially-Varying Convolutions in Convolutional Neural Networks
Sunny Howard (University of Oxford), Peter Norreys (University of Oxford), Andreas Döpp (LMU Munich)
3:25 PM Workshop paper: Toward Robot Anomaly Detection
Ken Miyamoto, Masato Tsuchiya, Takeshi Ota, Teng-Yok Lee (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
3:45 PM ☕ Coffe break
4:00 PM Keynote talk: Accelerating Agri-Food Sustainability Progress with Machine Learning
Georgios Leontidis
Full Professor & Interdisciplinary Director for Data and AI at the University of Aberdeen
4:30 PM Invited paper: McQueen: Mixed Precision Quantization of Early Exit Networks
Utkarsh Saxena, Kaushik Roy (Purdue Uniiversity)
4:50 PM Invited paper: Unifying Synergies between Self-supervised Learning and Dynamic Computation
Tarun Krishna, Ayush K. Rai, Eric Arazo, Paul Albert, Alexandru F. Drimbarean, Alan Smeaton, Kevin McGuinness, Noel O Connor (Dublin City University)
5:10 PM Workshop paper: New keypoint-based approach for recognising British Sign Language (BSL) from sequences
Oishi Deb, Prajwal Kondajji Renukananda, Andrew Zisserman (University of Oxford)
5:30 PM Workshop paper: A Practical Mixed Precision Algorithm for Post-Training Quantization
Nilesh Prasad Pandey, Markus Nagel, Mart van Baalen, Yin Huang, Chirag Patel, Tijmen Blankevoort (Qualcomm)
5:50 PM Closing
CADL Workshop Chairs