SLURM Features

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As the cluster is heterogeneous, we employ "node features", i.e. tags which describe the capabilities of each node and can be employed at job submission to request appropriate nodes.

A list of the currently supported features is as follows:

  • gpu_P100_16G
  • gpu_1080_8G
  • gpu_2080Ti_11G
  • gpu_RTX5000_16G
  • gpu_RTX6000_24G
  • gpu_RTXA5000_24G
  • gpu_A40_48G

where both the exact GPU model name and the available VRAM are reported in the name of each node feature. These can be employed at job submission with the "--constraint" directive, which supports expressing a boolean combination of features. For instance, one might request a node with 24 GB of VRAM using the following expression:

#SBATCH --constraint="gpu_RTX6000_24G|gpu_RTXA5000_24G"