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Service Desk

For any problem you can contact our HPC service desk by e-mail:


In the mail describe your problem as carefully as possible and be sure to enter the following information:

  • the username/account
  • how and where to reach you for further communication
  • a detailed description of the problem
  • any error message that might have been occurred

In alternative, you can reach the HPC service desk at and fill-in one of the forms available.

A ticket number (#) will be assigned to each request sent to the user support. As soon as you get a reply, for further communications on the same problem please always reply to the same email without modifying the subject and always referring to the # of the first reply. If you have a support request concerning a different problem, please send a different email with another subject, in order to receive a different ticket number.

Please, use this email address and not the personal email addresses of our staff for support requests, in order to get a response as soon as possible.

Mailing list

We manage a mailing list ( for posting news, information, scheduled downs, software updates, other problems and so on, about our HPC computing resources. HPC users are automatically included in that list.

You can consult the archive browsing