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This page contains the changelogs of the infrastructure.

February, 12th 2023

  • Anaconda has been updated to 22.9.0

Scheduled maintenance on February, 10th 2023

  • Enhancement operations on the new storage server:
    • Installation of a 4RU JBOD to increase its capacity
    • Increase of its network speed from 10Gbps to 100Gbps
    • Extension of /work from 350TB to 460TB
    • Migration of /homes to SSD storage
    • Safer authentication between client nodes and the storage server (connection based authentication)
  • Installation of a new node with 5 RTXA5000 (named huber)
  • Installation of a CPU-only node with 160GB of RAM (named tafazzi)
  • Fixed kernel issues on lurcanio
  • Installation of singularity on all nodes