Donglin Zhang

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Fast Discrete Cross-Modal Hashing Based on Label Relaxation and Matrix Factorization

Donglin Zhang, Xiaojun Wu, Zhen Liu, Jun Yu, Josef Kittler

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Auto-TLDR; LRMF: Label Relaxation and Discrete Matrix Factorization for Cross-Modal Retrieval

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In recent years, cross-media retrieval has drawn considerable attention due to the exponential growth of multimedia data. Many hashing approaches have been proposed for the cross-media search task. However, there are still open problems that warrant investigation. For example, most existing supervised hashing approaches employ a binary label matrix, which achieves small margins between wrong labels (0) and true labels (1). This may affect the retrieval performance by generating many false negatives and false positives. In addition, some methods adopt a relaxation scheme to solve the binary constraints, which may cause large quantization errors. There are also some discrete hashing methods that have been presented, but most of them are time-consuming. To conquer these problems, we present a label relaxation and discrete matrix factorization method (LRMF) for cross-modal retrieval. It offers a number of innovations. First of all, the proposed approach employs a novel label relaxation scheme to control the margins adaptively, which has the benefit of reducing the quantization error. Second, by virtue of the proposed discrete matrix factorization method designed to learn the binary codes, large quantization errors caused by relaxation can be avoided. The experimental results obtained on two widely-used databases demonstrate that LRMF outperforms state-of-the-art cross-media methods.