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CCA: Exploring the Possibility of Contextual Camouflage Attack on Object Detection

Shengnan Hu, Yang Zhang, Sumit Laha, Ankit Sharma, Hassan Foroosh
Track 3: Computer Vision Robotics and Intelligent Systems
Tue 12 Jan 2021 at 17:00 in session PS T3.3

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Auto-TLDR; Contextual camouflage attack for object detection

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Deep neural network based object detection has become the cornerstone of many real-world applications. Along with this success comes concerns about its vulnerability to malicious attacks. To gain more insight into this issue, we propose a contextual camouflage attack (CCA for short) algorithm to influence the performance of object detectors. In this paper, we use an evolutionary search strategy and adversarial machine learning in interactions with a photo-realistic simulated environment to find camouflage patterns that are effective over a huge variety of object locations, camera poses, and lighting conditions. The proposed camouflages are validated effective to most of the state-of-the-art object detectors.