Zheng Guo

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A Distinct Discriminant Canonical Correlation Analysis Network Based Deep Information Quality Representation for Image Classification

Lei Gao, Zheng Guo, Ling Guan Ling Guan
Track 1: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning for Pattern Analysis
Tue 12 Jan 2021 at 15:00 in session PS T1.2

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Auto-TLDR; DDCCANet: Deep Information Quality Representation for Image Classification

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In this paper, we present a distinct discriminant canonical correlation analysis network (DDCCANet) based deep information quality representation with application to image classification. Specifically, to explore the sufficient discriminant information between different data sets, the within-class and between-class correlation matrices are employed and optimized jointly. Moreover, different from the existing canonical correlation analysis network (CCANet) and related algorithms, an information theoretic descriptor, information quality (IQ), is adopted to generate the deep-level feature representation for image classification. Benefiting from the explored discriminant information and IQ descriptor, it is potential to gain a more effective deep-level representation from multi-view data sets, leading to improved performance in classification tasks. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed DDCCANet, we conduct experiments on the Olivetti Research Lab (ORL) face database, ETH80 database and CIFAR10 database. Experimental results show the superiority of the proposed solution on image classification.